The new Shazam identifies books, product boxes and magazines

Not long ago we told you how Shazam intended to go a little further as for the identification of many things more than music. In March, from the application they announced that they were working on expanding their borders and that they might be able to give us information about movies, television shows and commercials. But in this case it goes a little further, and it is possible to obtain information regarding the many packages that are sold in physical stores and are somehow related.

For example, if we go to a store, we will be able to search these packages for QR code that is compatible with Shazam, and simply, by scanning it with this app we will get a lot of information related to the product. It is almost like using the mobile phone to decide if we are really interested in the physical product in front of us, or at least, to make the final decision among several of those who are raising doubts.

But the contents that are capable of being read using Shazam They are not limited to the world of digital content. In fact, among the best known brands that have compatibility we could highlight Disney, Levi’s and HarperCollins. As always, the app is still free although if you want to benefit from this update with more features you must make sure that you have downloaded the latest version available for iOS, or that you have updated the one you already had in your terminal.

What do you think of Shazam's proposal? Is it really useful have shazam with so many possibilities on the mobile or do you think that in the company they have curled the curl after having conquered success with songs and musical themes? As usual, opinions in general are confronted and there are those who love the idea and who think it's silly.

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