This is why Siri for Apple TV is limited to eight passes

More than one Apple user has missed (and disgusted) the fact that Siri for Apple TV is limited to eight countries in its initial release. This is a somewhat strange move by Apple, and more if we take into account that right now the iPhone voice assistant is available in 29 countries and its operation does not present any problem.

Currently, Siri for Apple TV is available in the following languages ​​and countries: English (United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia), Spanish (only in Spain at the moment), German (Germany), French (France and Canada) and Japanese (Japan). Given that Siri for the iPhone is available in a larger number of territories, why hasn't the same thing happened with Apple TV?

As published by the MacPrime media, after conducting a series of interviews with managers who have worked on the new Apple TV, everything is due to "phonetic" motives.

One of the main functions of Siri on Apple TV is help us find movies and actors, but unfortunately the titles of these films and the names of the actors vary phonetically according to the country in which we are, that is, an American does not pronounce the same "Titanic" as a Spanish, for example. The situation is complicated if we take into account that in some countries the original title of a movie is changed when translated into the local language.

Since Apple are already working for expand Siri on Apple TV for new territories as soon as possible.

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