Tim Cook talks about Apple's current affairs

Greeting customers at the Apple Store Nanjing East Roada

After the first fiscal quarter conference, Tim cook met with other executives and employees of Manzana to answer questions and tell them about future plans of the company. Most of what was discussed at that meeting is already well known, but there are some points that are quite interesting, such as when they talked about the iPhone denying that it has reached its peak and that the bubble is going to burst.

Tim Cook said the iPhone is "the biggest business of the future" with potential growth in emerging markets like India and China. According to Apple, the company does not need to launch a less expensive device with inferior functions to expand in these markets, but a study suggests that people will spend more for a better experience. These words can contradict what is expected of the iPhone 5se, which rumors say it will be a mid-range device. On the other hand, will that “better product” arrive soon and for all countries?

Tim Cook sees a great future for Apple TV

About him Apple TV and tvOS, Tim Cook said that the two products have a great future ahead, but did not mention anything concrete. It is possible that this statement is related to rumors that Apple will release its own content. On the other hand, who has not ever dreamed of a kind of Apple Movies under subscription? Of course, depending on the price, of course.

He also talked about everything that has to come, such as software, services and hardware. At this point he sure talked about iPhone 5se (or whatever his name is finally), the iPad Air 3, the new MacBook and the straps and a possible Apple Watch 2, which should arrive sometime in 2016. Logically, they would also talk about the iPhone 7, but it is impossible to know to what extent they would give details of the next smartphone of the apple.

The meeting also talked about hardware they are preparing for a distant future beyond 2016. All the information about Apple's latest movements makes us think that they will launch a product related to Virtual Reality (VR) or Augmented Reality (AR) , but we don't have to forget about Project Titan, a project that plans to launch an electric and / or autonomous car in 2019-2020. And is that if Apple does not want Alphabet to get back over them in the ranking Of the world's most valuable companies, Tim Cook and company have to surprise the world again. Will they do it in 2016?

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