Typo keyboard definitely dies

Very loud was the appearance of this keyboard that promised a writer at the level of BlackBerry on your iPhone, for many the perfect combination. And there are people still reluctant to virtual keyboards, especially because of the correct typing feeling that a physical keyboard often produces and the fact of making fewer mistakes when typing. Typo promised this feeling on our iPhone, but BlackBerry has taken care of knocking this ambitious project.

BlackBerry has become more accustomed to losing than winning lately finally adds a bit to its scoreboard, despite the fact that it has won the antipathy of many. The raspberry company set out to knock the Typo keyboard since its launch, and is that if there was someone who still stayed in BlackBerry for his keyboard, with the appearance of this accessory for iOS I would no longer have reason to stay in the now almost extinct brand.

Typo, the company funded by Ryan Seacrest has reached an out-of-court settlement today, whereby Typo will stop selling its keyboards for any device that is smaller than 7.9 inches. They have agreed to permanently and globally suspend these keyboards for smartphone. The news has been responsible for communicating BlackBerry, missing more, as the winner of the contest.

The rest of the terms of the agreement have been established as confidential, however BlackBerry had everything judicially, and it had already obtained a restriction on sales of Typo in his day, having to pay the accessory company almost a million dollars in damages. It seems we are going to run out of Typo keyboard for iPhone 6, and I personally want to try this product, which although I would not include in my daily life with my iPhone, I would like to try the experience.

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