We tell you everything inside the iPhone SE

The iPhone SE (special edition) is that 4-inch device with which Apple has left the general public somewhat misplaced, and that we find a fairly continuous device in terms of design (retains the design of the iPhone 5 of 2012), except for the addition of the rose gold color, however, it includes a hardware that many would already like for themselves, in fact, the iPhone SE has been characterized in its presentation precisely by hiding almost all the iPhone 6s armament inside, The latest iPhone model available. What is inside the iPhone SE? because once opened, we tell you what they have found, what are their ins and outs.

The iPhone SE begins to arrive slowly at the hands of the first holders, in Spain the distribution will begin between April 5 and 6, so from 6 we will see the first Spanish reviews, maybe even here in iPhone News let's do some. Meanwhile, the guys from have rushed Chipworks Let's see what this little big phone contains, analyzing every part of its four inches to the millimeter. Especially to reveal the doubts about whether it looks more like an iPhone 5s (by design) or an iPhone 6s (by power), so, we will analyze each of the details to reach the conclusions.

The power of the iPhone SE

The iPhone SE is loaded with an A9 processor, identically the same that we find in Apple's highest-end device, the iPhone 6s. Meanwhile, we have come to the conclusion that as with the iPhone 6s, we will find both TSMC and Samsung chips, although the chip that has been found Chipworks It has been in this case the TSMC. On the other hand, confirm that the iPhone SE has 2 GB of RAM type LPDDR4, exactly the same as the iPhone 6s, one more coincidence. In fact, by the dates of labeling it is concluded that they are exactly the same circulation, from August or September of last year, so this iPhone had already been in Tim Cook's mind for some time.

As for storage, here it has been renewed, Toshiba is the brand in charge of flash memories, a new brand. Meanwhile, The touch screen controller if it takes us suddenly, is the same as in the iPhone 5s, something that should not surprise us since it is exactly the screen, the BCM5976 model of Broadcom or in its absence the 343S0645 of Texas Instruments.

As for the NFC chip, we find the NXP66VIO model, an evolution of the one used in the iPhone 6 and that of course includes the iPhone 6s, a new similarity with the most powerful of iOS devices. Meanwhile the six-axis sensor in charge of the accelerometer and the gyroscope is the MEMS model used in the iPhone 6s. We can almost conclude that it is much more similar to the iPhone 6s than the iPhone 5s, beyond the mere aesthetic fact that the case is the same. On the other hand, both the data chip and the audio chip are exactly the same as that of the iPhone 6s.

Much more of the iPhone 6s than the iPhone 5s

Definitely and although our mind wants to play tricks on what we see with our eyes, iPhone SE looks infinitely more like iPhone 6s than iPhone 5sIn fact, there are few pieces that match the iPhone 5s beyond the screen and the chassis. So, we can conclude that not everything is in the packaging, the iPhone SE is an authentic “special edition” becoming the most powerful four-inch phone on the market, which will give it a lot of fame if we consider that it costs “just ”€ 489 in Spain.

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