WhatsApp and its way of dealing with our private data

It is not the first time you read this headline, and I am absolutely sure that it will not be the last time you read it according to the background of WhatsApp Inc. It goes without saying that the vast majority of these services that are presented “free” They should get some benefit from everything they offer us, in fact they don't even want our money, they prefer something better, your data. Your data is priceless, has many buyers and dealing with them is too easy today. Not only do we talk about advertising or marketing companies, the Government, the eye that sees everything also has access to your most private WhatsApp conversations.

The Government of the United States no longer hides that it regularly spys on the communications of its inhabitants, it is since then that it has begun to create a kind of phobia to be observed. Faced with such a situation, we are totally unprotected, if the Government itself does, what example will they preach? The lack of scruples in the personal data market is reaching unsuspected limits and the victims are us. How and where our data is stored begins to worry us every day more, however, that concern has not become the implementation of measures that prevent the manipulation of these by entities in bad faith, and that is without the little government support the user can do on foot.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), a company dedicated to the audit of private companies in the field of privacy and data protection, today issued a report detailing the scope of protection of 24 technology companies. It also details how each of them solves the privacy protection problems, analyzing from the possible notice to the user about government requests for private data, to the storage and disposal of private data on servers.

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Of all the analyzed, WhatsApp Inc has been the worst stop, with only one star among five possible, thus being the company analyzed that offers the worst privacy and transparency service. In short, WhatsApp does not even verify through judicial orders the requests for access to data by the police and much less makes public any type of measure that prevents free access by the Government and private companies to this data. Therefore, do you use WhatsApp? You are exposed. But scabies with pleasure does not sting.

The most curious thing is that Facebook, proud owner of WhatsApp after the almost offensive amount of money he invested in the purchase has achieved a much higher score in the test. However, they are not all bells in the wind, only 9 of the 24 companies have achieved the highest rating, such as Dropbox, WordPress and Apple. Little else can we say about it, the huge amount of movements and allusions by these large companies in terms of privacy on the network are mere facades, often sound almost like a joke in bad taste.

However, we could say that it is almost impossible to be totally protected from such threats, mostly because many of these applications or systems make our lives infinitely easier in exchange for it, and often people are not very aware of what What happens, it is quite evident if we look at the number of downloads and users that Telegram has with respect to WhatsApp. SHowever, we are free to use the software that pleases us and, above all, we are free to deliver our data to whoever we want., and that is why we "sign" a contract with each installation, accepting the terms of service. And remember, on the net, there is no one fully protected.

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