WhatsApp is updated, now we can export chats

At 03:30 AM Spanish time I am ready to take a night look before sleeping at the App Store, it is the best method to discover new and interesting applications to offer you. However, the update notice catches my attention, much less could I imagine what was waiting for me inside. WhatsApp again. The pace of updates of the world's most popular messaging client goes “in crescendo” lately, what does not grow is the dialectical power of its fellows / developers, once again WhatsApp is updated with nocturnality and alevosía offering nothing more than a brief "bug fixes" between the notes of the news, but with some new things inside.

So it has been once again, repeat WhatsApp (Facebook) in strange updates. We certainly do not know what this update hides, what is clear is that whenever WhatsApp launches a “correction of mistakes”Is nothing more than the prelude to new functions hidden in the code. So I am preparing to update to pass once again the happy screen of "optimizing WhatsApp".

All this after the frustrating news that reached our ears yesterday that WhatsApp could stop working for users who are not in the latest version for security reasons. We already know that WhatsApp has never been characterized by its privacy measures, but it seems that every time they take it more seriously.

We will remain alert to the possible news of this latest messenger client application of the moment, but after browsing for a while for your options, I still find the same version as before, except for the possibility of “to export chat”Which allows us to save in the Notes application or send a .ZIP file that includes both the selected chat and the files that the chat has. We will keep an eye on the news to tell them all.

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