Wozniak prefers a laptop to iPad Pro

At a conference of the software company New Relic, Steve Wozniak, co-founder of the company of the bitten apple, talked about what you think of the Apple ecosystem. iWoz talked about the statements of the company's CEO, Tim Cook, who said the iPad Pro would replace a laptop for many users. It is possible that Cook is right, but I am more of the way of thinking of Wozniak, who says he is a “type more focused on the laptop”Since tablets are limited for him. But are these statements surprised by the person who imagined the first personal computer?

Anyway, not all are bad words for Apple's professional tablet, since Wozniak says he prefers it to the iPad mini and probably to the 9.7-inch iPad, but what matters most to iWoz is productivity, a point in where iOS cannot be compared to OS X, Since a desktop system has, today, many more applications to choose from.

At the conference he also talked about the Apple Watch ensuring that the device improves slowly, but surely. Now, with watchOS 2 already available, Wozniak believes that the Apple Watch is recovering some of the price which was paid for him in April, about € 419 for a smart watch that was much more limited. Although he still has a long way to go, Wozniak believes they are on the right track.

About Apple's ecosystem, although he likes it, he says he prefers to have several options. Although he is still an important part of the company that runs Tim Cook, he says that “I don't like to stay in Apple's ecosystem. I don't like being trapped. I like to be independent", something that would explain the refusal to the offer that Steve Jobs made him return to Apple in 2011.

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