You can now move your Tesla Model S with your Apple Watch

Perhaps the least engine lovers do not know, but the Tesla Company Model S electric vehicle is being widely innovative with its automatic driving technologies and software derivatives. It is currently possible for owners of this vehicle to control it remotely through applications. In fact, The possibility of controlling our Tesla Model S through the iPhone and Apple Watch has materialized, With this simple application we can make interesting movements with the vehicle, for example the one found in the video that we show below. Tesla continues to innovate in the motor world.

The application for the Apple Watch is excellently adapted, it is part of the update of the Tesla Model S autopilot to version 7.1, with the new feature “Invoke”That will allow us to move our cars remotely without absolutely anyone inside it. The technology is reaching leaps and bounds to the world of motor, and Tesla hand in hand with Elon Musk is taking a lot of blame, they keep innovating to make it happen, and users appreciate it.

It was a Tesla Model S owner who wanted to upload this video to YouTube showing us the capabilities of the new “Summon” function for the vehicle. We appreciate how the car leaves the garage in reverse. In addition, it is the application itself that is responsible for opening and closing the garage door, in case the fact that the car leaves completely only is not enough. Now it will depend on whether or not you are willing to put your car in the hands of the application, the distrust will still be latent in a system that is totally pioneer and that will take a long time to see in the rest of generalist brands.

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