American justice will force Apple to unlock devices

Earlier this week we told you that Apple issued a statement informing that it is impossible for the Apple team to access data that is inside an iOS device that is locked with an access code from iOS versions 8 or later The company did not stay here, also indicated that although it was possible, they will not do this kind of movements voluntarily since it does not have the slightest interest in undermining the trust that its clients place in them. However, the United States Department of Justice has not found enough logic in the arguments, positioning itself in favor of legally compelling Apple to unlock encrypted iOS data.

In other words, the United States wants backdoors on all devices with the intention of spying on users. The usefulness of spying on users is to "avoid" crimes, but before they happen, what is clearly a violation of the most basic Human Rights.

Apple has designed, manufactured and sold the device that is subject to the search warrant. Apple developed the software that runs the phone and that software is impeding the proper functioning of justice and the search warrant.

These are the words that the Federal Judge, James Orenstein has dedicated to the subject, how easy it is to hide true intentions after court orders, however, if Apple agrees to create these backdoors it is not only those prosecuted who will be raided by the US authorities, but all of us Apple device users. Without further ado, I don't think there is a big discussion about this issue, bravo for Apple, which fights the Big Brother that the United States government wants to impose on the citizens of the world.

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