App Store raises prices again in some regions

Once again the users of the App Store can find in the next few days an unpleasant surprise in terms of application prices. The games and applications are going to be even more expensive, in times of crisis it seems that the App Store is going backwards, instead of reducing prices, it increases them. But nevertheless, This price increase will not occur in all countries where the App Store is available, it will be reduced to a limited number of countries where a difference between the dollar and the national currency will be restructured to match the total price of the applications.

Customers of the App Store of Canada, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore and South Africa will be affected by this increase in application prices in the national App Store. This price fluctuation, once again, is due to the fluctuation in exchange rates with dollar reference. This means that users who have subscribed subscriptions of some kind with Apple, such as Apple Music or extensions of storage space in iCloud, must confirm that they want to renew their subscriptions manually to avoid possible misunderstandings.

The developments can see how the prices of their applications are automatically affected. In parallel with this increase, new sections will be cataloged to offer in-app products at low cost, due to the supposed high costs that will be appreciated in the next week with the price increase. But nevertheless, in places like Romania, developers will not only see how prices are maintained, but will increase the income that this receives thanks to the reduction of VAT that the Government of the Romanian country imposes on this type of products, which has gone from 24% to 20% with this new year 2016.

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