Apple engineers agree to refuse to help the FBI

We are at the epicenter of the controversy between Apple and the FBI, a controversy that everyone is adding to. There is almost no public character minimally linked to technology that has not yet manifested on one side or another. The latest information that comes to us attests that even the working class within Apple is beginning to take seriously this incursion that the FBI and the Government of the United States of America intends to do in their work. It is precisely those who have worked to make iOS what it is today, a supposedly impenetrable system, and sOn them, Apple engineers, who propose refusing to work if they are forced to collaborate with the FBI.

More than half a dozen Apple employees and former employees are involved in an internal debate about the possibility of refuse to work in the event that the FBI takes this proposal forward and end up forcing them to collaborate with justice from this perspective.

Apple employees are discussing what they would do if they were forced to help police authorities in their petition. Some say that this would greatly frustrate their professionalism, while others have come to threaten to leave their jobs if they are forced to undermine that software security that has cost them so much to create. According to the agreements, more than half a dozen current workers and former workers linked to iOS, will be completely denied.

There are many engineers involved in the development of mobile and security products, as well as former security engineers accompanied by executives.

According to experts, the government would have to create new laws to force Apple as a private company to work alongside the FBI.

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