"Apple is doing a good job with its Apple Car"

When little more than a year ago, rumors began to emerge that Apple would be developing its own smart car, there were many voices who scoffed at such a project. The main reason? The fact that the company of the bitten apple did not have any experience in this industry. We know that the Apple Car could arrive approximately in the year 2020, but experts said that it would take Apple about ten yearss catch up with the rest of the manufacturers in the market.

The views in the car industry are beginning to change. The CEO of the German manufacturer Daimler has assured that “Apple is doing a good job with its vehicle". At no time has Apple come to confirm that it is developing a smart car, but the tracks it is leaving are more than evident at this point. The technology company has hired dozens of experts in the automotive industry.

The CEO of Daimler has confirmed that “companies specialized in technology should be taken more seriously, like Google and Apple, since they are doing their homework well ”. These have been his statements after a visit to Silicon Valley:

“Our impression is that these companies can do much more than we had originally imagined. And we also have to emphasize that they show great respect for our achievements. We had conversations with these companies, but I will not talk about their content. I will only highlight the fact of the spirit of innovation that exists in Silicon Valley. ”

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