Apple is serious about Virtual Reality

After the wearables or dressing devices and probably before autonomous cars, it seems that "The Next Big Thing" (the next important thing) is related to the Virtual reality (VR for its acronym in English). There are already many companies that are working and even have some projects available, such as Samsung and Microsoft, and it seems that Apple also wants to be part of this virtual world in the future. This is what we can think from the latest purchases and contracts made by Cupertino.

According to the Financial Times, Apple has hired an important person in the field of Virtual Reality: Doug Bowman. The new signing of Tim Cook and company has based its work on investigating the design of three-dimensional user interface and the benefits of immersion in virtual environments. His experience encompasses both immersive Virtual Reality and augmented reality, where a transparent screen shows objects on part of the real environment, just as Microsoft's Hololens or Google Glass do.

Apple will bet on Virtual Reality

This is not the first move Apple makes regarding virtual Reality. Bowman's hiring adds to the acquisitions of three companies specialized in VR or AR (Augmented Reality): Metaio in May, Faceshift in November and Emotient a couple of weeks ago. If we add everything, it seems that there is no other possibility but Apple plans something related to this technology in the future.

After seeing the devices of other companies, one thing is clear: Apple will be relatively late to the Virtual Reality market. But Apple is not characterized by being a company that is the first to create a device, if not by improve and bring existing technology to the top. It's something you already did with devices like the iPod (an mp3), with the iPhone (a mobile) and with the Apple Watch (a smart watch). What remains to be seen is what they add to Virtual Reality and if they get a VR device in each home. Time will tell.

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