Apple pays tribute to Martin Luther King on its official website

Today is the day of Martin Luther King in the United States and Apple wanted to pay tribute through its official website. On rare occasions we have been able to see the company's website transform into a special event. Something that began after the death of Steve Jobs and that has rarely been repeated. But today is an important day in the United States and, as always, Apple wants to show its public support for the struggle for equal rights and demonstrate its commitment to diversity.

In recent months, technology companies have been targeted by several associations that investigate whether there really is diversity in the workforce. With this simple gesture, Apple shows that it is still fighting in this department. As soon as we access the official website of the company in the United States, we find an image of Martin Luther King and a famous date:

“One of the most persistent and important questions in life is: What are you doing to help others? ”.

The Apple CEO Tim CookHe also wanted to pay a special tribute to Martin Luther King through the social network Twitter, in which the manager is always active. In a series of tweets, we can see another photograph of Luther King accompanied by the following quote:

"We must learn to live together as brothers to perish together as idiots."

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