Check the warranty status of your Apple device

There are many who hold a new Apple device, a new device that you have been given in the last Christmas campaign. But What happens if your new iPad / iPhone / Mac does not work as well as it should?, Apple can repair it completely for free … And yes, the issue of half Moon The iPhone’s front camera is also covered by warranty.

You have to keep in mind that you will not always need to have bought an AppleCare coverage plan, the community laws establish a 2-year warranty and your product should be repaired at no cost if any manufacturing fault is detected. After the jump we tell you all steps you must follow to locate the serial number of your device and check all active coverages by Apple.

Find the serial number or IMEI of your device

  • In you Mac access the menu  (top left in the status bar / menus)> About this Mac> Overview, your serial number will appear on the last line of the menu.
  • In you iPhone or iPad: If your device is working, enter Settings > general > information, a line will appear with your serial number and your IMEI.
  • In iTunes: if your device is still working you can find the serial number / IMEI by connecting it and displaying the page “Summary" Of the device.
  • If you still can't find it: Here you can find all the information about Apple to identify the serial number of your device.

Check the status of your warranty

When you know the serial number, put it in the check page Apple support and maintenance coverage.

When you enter it you will see a page like the one shown below:

As you can see, in the serial number that we have introduced for the realization of this post, we have a valid purchase date (this should always appear with the tick in green), the telephone technical assistance we have it expired (to have it active we should have an AppleCare plan), and the maintenance and repair coverage It appears in blue due to having consumed the first year of product warranty.

It is important to remember that in the European Union It is established that all products purchased within the European Community (EC) have two year warranty (That is why it appears in blue), yes, if you have not bought the device in an Apple Store (physical or online) during the second year you will have to go directly to the seller of the device.

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