Close applications does not extend the autonomy of the iPhone

The battery is one of the Achilles heels of today's devices. Today it is an achievement that a Smartphone withstand more than two days, something unthinkable several years ago when phones got more than a week of autonomy. Users look for a lot of information on how improve autonomy of our devices and one of the things that many users do is close applications from multitasking so that they stop working and thus save energy. But that is not necessary.

Has confirmed Craig Federighi responding to an email from a 9to5mac reader who was looking for an official response in this regard. The email was sent to Tim Cook's account, but the answer came from the Senior Vice President of Software, who will logically know more about this issue than Apple's CEO. Federighi said what many users already knew.

Closing applications will not extend the autonomy of your iPhone

Hey Tim:

Do you close your applications from multitasking frequently and is it necessary for autonomy? I just want you to end this debate!


P.D .: I am with Apple in the case of the FBI.

Hi Caleb:

I know you asked Tim, but at least I give you my answer:

No and no.

Thank you for being an Apple customer.


The answer seems clear, doesn't it? With this it seems that the debate about whether or not to close applications on iOS devices is closed, at least as far as extending their autonomy is concerned. Until a couple of years ago, I did close them, but in my case it was to have the 512MB of iPhone 4S RAM always free. Since then, with 1GB of RAM, I have never closed them because the iOS management of background processes is very good. And you? Do you still close the applications from multitasking?

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