Eddy Cue fears that the states will watch us if the FBI wins

Eddy Cue, Senior vice president of Internet software and services at Apple, has manifested his fear to the United States Government force your company to add in secret surveillance technology on their devices if they win the case they currently have open with the Cupertino company and in which they ask to be able to unlock the iPhone 5c of one of the San Bernardino snipers. Cue made his statements in an interview on the Spanish-language American television network Univision.

In the interview, Eddy Cue repeated again what his company has been saying in recent weeks, but mentioned more troubling details with special emphasis on precedent risk That would create this step. Cue said the precedent would exist, but it could not remain just to have to unlock more and more devices in the future, but they could ask them to create a backdoor that would allow them to have full control of our devices.

Eddy Cue worries that they spy on us

When they get us to create a new system to do things, where will it stop? For example, one day the FBI could open the phone’s camera, the microphone. Those are things we can’t do now. But if they can force us to do that, I think it’s very bad. It must not happen in this country. ”

Apple’s senior vice president also compared what the FBI asks to give him the key to the back door of our house:

What they want is for us to give them the key to the back door of your house, and we don’t have that key. If we don’t have the key, they want us to change the lock. When we change it, we change it for everyone. And we will have a key that opens all phones. That key, once it exists, does not exist only for us. Terrorists, criminals, pirates, all of them will also find that key to open all phones.

On the other hand, Cue says the FBI is out of date compared to other government agencies and mentions the NSA Secretary of Defense, Ashton Carter, who wants the encryption continue to become more and more secure because he knows that if we create some way to enter, criminals and terrorists will enter. He also said that we do not have to see this case as Apple against the US Government, but as an example of Apple’s attempts to maintain public safety against criminals and other dangerous agents (what was he going to say about the company he represents ?):

They are Apple’s engineers against terrorists, against criminals. Those are the people we want to protect people from. We are not avoiding the Government. We want to help you. They have a very difficult job, they are there to protect us. That is why we want to help them as much as we can, but we cannot help them in a way that will help more terrorist and pirate criminals.

It is clear that, of all that Eddy Cue says, the most worrying thing is something we have already talked about: that someone can gain total control of our device. One of the reasons for not doing the jailbreak (and, eye, that this is not a criticism) is just making it difficult for a malicious user get full control of our device. If someone has the key to enter this way to our iPhone or any other device, it is not crazy that they can access the camera or microphone and know what we do at all times. Surely you know someone who covers the cameras of their computers for fear of being spied on, right? Well we would have to do the same on our smartphone. They can also access the GPS and know where we are. Yes, that the forces of the law are there to protect us, but does that mean I have to shower in front of them or may I want to keep part of my life private?

You can read the entire interview on the Univision website

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