GE prepares bulbs compatible with Apple HomeKit

The Apple HomeKit platform It has not yet taken off but little by little, more and more manufacturers are deciding to support Apple's commitment to revolutionize the world of home automation. The GE company has announced its intentions to launch a series of smart LED bulbs thanks to which, we can improve our sleep quality.

How do the GE light bulbs to intervene when we sleep? Everything is related to the amount of blue light (its wavelength) that the body absorbs every day, especially in activities such as being in front of the computer, using the iPhone or any other electronic device. The blue light prevents our body from generating melatonin, the sleep hormone and that is where GE bulbs come in.

With this source of electric lighting 30 minutes before going to bed and 30 minutes after waking up, we favor the natural cycle of the body to sleep or get up. We must not forget that light directly influences our moods, so this type of products, in addition to illuminating with its 900 lumens in its most powerful version (11W), also contributes to improving our quality of life without us noticing.

The first models of LED bulbs compatible with the Apple HomeKit system are expected to be available later this year. Its price has not yet been disclosed but presumably it is high. Smart LED bulbs have yet to come down a lot in price and, more importantly, improve their performance since the vast majority of those sold today offer insufficient power to illuminate a room as it should.

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