How to add background music to a video from your mobile

Sometimes, even if we are not going to get it in life, when we record videos with our mobile we feel a bit Spielberg. Even, sometimes, we dare to make a small assembly with what we recorded, even in the end we end up adding music to the video. If this is the only thing that chokes on you, we will explain how to do it quickly and easily. We will add background music to our video from the mobile thanks, of course, to a third-party application that we can download from the Google Play Store. The tool is called VivaVideo and free tennis, with ads and limitations, but for a quick assembly it can be worth it. The size of the application may vary depending on the device.

We proceed to explain, step by step, how to put music to a video from the mobile. It's very simple and you only need your mobile and the VivaVideo application.

Put music to your video from your mobile

Once we have it installed in our mobile, we open it. We allow access of the application to the storage of our telephone. If not, it will be impossible to handle the videos that we have saved. Once we clicked on 'Start' and agree with its terms and conditions, we will be welcome to the application and we will be invited to try for free all the premium features it contains, such as being able to export the video in HD quality and without a watermark, among others. If you do not want to try, click on the ‘x’ icon that you will find in the upper left of the screen.

How to choose video

Now, in the section ‘Edit’ we will choose the video to which we want to put the music. In this section, the application detects the videos that you currently have saved on your mobile. A warning we have to give you: you can only edit the videos that, in fact, have stored at that time in storage of your mobile. So, if you have some video in the cloud (like Google Photos) and want to edit it, you will first have to download it. In the ‘Edit video’ tab you can also connect the social networks of Facebook and Instagram in case you want to import videos and edit them.

If you do not find the video you want to edit and surely you have it stored in some folder of the internal storage, we will go to the tab ‘Another album’ and in ‘Search for more videos?’ Press, then access the section ‘Browse folders‘ When we have found the file, we select it and click on ‘Start exploring’. Then, click on the folder ‘Media’ and there should finally be the video we want to put music to.

Starting to add music to your video

In the next screen that appears after choosing the video we have the classic timeline on which the video in question is developed. In this screen we can cut the video to be alone with the part that interests us and rotate it in case it is offered to us sideways. If we want it as it is exported, it will only be necessary to add the music. Click on "Add". We will see a warning that the video, in the free version of the application, should last a maximum of five minutes. This is the most important screen, that of the edition of the piece.

Since what really interests us is to add music to the video, we will ignore all the other options. However, if you are interested in video editing, we recommend that you take a look at the rest of the options. To add the music to the video we must press, on the bottom bar of the screen, the second icon ‘Music’. Vers as below, a small legend appears in which we can read ‘Touch to add background music’.

On the next screen we can choose both music suggested by the application itself, music from the application itself that we have downloaded in our phone or explore the contents of the internal storage for music, in the option ‘Library’. In this tutorial we are going to keep the music offered by the application itself, which is also sorted by genres like ‘Rock’, ‘R&B and Soul’, ‘Hip Hop and Rap’… Try select the genre that best suits the video style to whom you want to put the music so that the result is more effective. One of the most interesting sections in terms of musical categories is that of 'Cinematographic', because, depending on the type of video we have, we can add a small 'soundtrack' according to the scene, whether it is a dramatic video, as of horror, peak, etc. To listen to the music click on the duration or the title of it and voila. When we have it already selected we will click on the download arrow and download it.

Now, we are going to go to the ‘Downloaded’ tab and the music that we want to add to the video in question should appear. We click on the music title. The music will be played automatically so that we can verify whether it is precisely that. With the bars that we find in the reproduction line we can narrow down the music part that we want to add to the video, just in case we are interested in a fragment of it. When we are ready click on ‘Add’.

Seeing the final result

We return to the editing screen ’. If we click on ‘Play’ we can see how the final result of the video has been. If we want to undo the video editing we just have to click on the top of it where it reads ‘Click undo‘ To download the result of our masterpiece we click on ‘Share’ and then we save in the galley or share it with our friends on social networks or messaging services like WhatsApp. Remember that the free version of VivaVideo only allows you to save the video in 480p and with a watermark. While exporting the video, be sure not to close the application.

If you prefer to opt for the Pro version, to export the video at 720p and without ads or watermarks, you can download it from the Play Store at a price of 3.70 euros.

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