How to disable Siri on your iPhone or iPad

When the Energy and Commerce Committee of the US House of Representatives has long asked Apple about how it managed third-party access to its users' data, The company replied with a resounding: "We are not Facebook, we are not Google." Those of Cupertino boast of having a completely different business model from other Silicon Valley rivals, who allegedly sell their users' information to publicists.

This leaves Apple's assistant, Siri, much better unemployed than others who have given much to talk in recent months, such as Amazon's Alexa or Google's own assistant. According to Apple, once the recording starts when the magical words "Hey Siri" are pronounced, This is sent to Apple along with an anonymous identification number that is not related to the individual's ID. In addition, users can change that number whenever they want.

In any case, some media have uncovered that this is not entirely true, and that a company outsourced by Apple will listen to the confidential information of its users. And not only will he listen to specific requests to the assistant, It will also store private conversations of users through the device's microphone. Therefore, the only way to protect yourself from this tangle of accusations, in which the owners of the terminals are the main victims, is by voicing the voice assistant. In this case, Siri. Then we explain all the steps you have to take.

  • Enter the settings of your iPhone or iPad and look for the “Siri and search” section
  • Then uncheck the boxes “Al oye Siri” and “Press the side button to open Siri”
  • When doing so, you will see a message indicating if you want to deactivate Siri. Click to complete your assignment.

It really is a very simple and fast process, that will allow you to be calmer if you fear they are spying on you. You already know that as of this moment as long as you say "Hey Siri", the assistant's voice will no longer come out in your help. The moment you want to bring it back to life, you just have to reverse the process.

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