How to download photos from the Facebook application on iPhone

If we use our Facebook account daily, surely at some point of boredom, we have taken a look at all the photos that we have uploaded to the social network of Mark Zuckerberg. Sometimes we can see photography that for any reason we want to print but we do not remember where we have it stored at that time and start looking for it would not take much time, so the best option is to download it directly from our account to print it later.

Contrary to what happens when uploading images to the platform, something very simple, being able to download the images that we have stored on the social network can become a complicated task and in many cases users think that it is not possible to do so. But fortunately it is not like that and in Actualidad iPhone we will show you how we can do it from our iPhone.

Before starting, we must bear in mind that only if we do it through the web version or through the application can we download the photographs we have uploaded one by one. But if we carry out the process from the option that Facebook offers us from the web, we can download absolutely all the content that we have uploaded to the social network.

Download photos through the official Facebook application

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<li>First we open the application and go to the button located in the lower right corner, <strong>represented by three horizontal lines</strong> To access our profile.</li>
<li>Next we go to our user and we go to the photo albums <strong>where do we want to download the image</strong>.</li>
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  • Once inside the album, we select the image to be displayed full screen.
  • Now we just have to press on the screen so that the application shows us the option to download the image.

Click on download and go. The image will have been stored in our photo reel and we can do what we want in the photo. Unfortunately we can only download photographs but not videos. To do this we will have to resort to download the entire history of our Facebook account.

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