How to hide photos and images in the Xiaomi galley

There are certain images that we keep in our phone and that should not be visible to certain people. Obviating the personal motives of each one, that we are not here to judge, we are going to teach you, precisely, to hide images from the galley of a Xiaomi mobile so that you feel comfortable when you lend your terminal. Another method will be to put a security lock on the galley, but that we have already told you before. Now let's hide the photos.

To hide images of the galley of your Xiaomi we will do the next.

First, we are going to open your phone's galley application and then choose the photos you want to hide. Press and hold a photo and it will be selected. Then, mark the remaining ones you want to hide from the galley.

Now we look at the bottom of the screen and click on the first emoticon that appears, ‘Add to album’. A new tab will open in which we must click on ‘hidden album‘ Next, we confirm that we want to hide the photographs we have selected.

It is likely that the galley application, at this time, asks you to create a security pattern and then unlock the hidden album in the corresponding section. You can also place the footprint as a key to open the hidden album. Simply follow the steps on the screen until the album has been created correctly.

Now let's see the hidden album. The galley consists of two tabs, photos and albums. Enter this screen and swipe down until you reveal a background image of a lock. Keep pulling down until you see the screen to place the pattern or fingerprint, because there are times that may fail a bit and not appear the album. Then, place the pattern or finger on the footprint and voila, you will have the photos that were previously hidden.

If you came here because you suspect someone is looking at your photos and you fear for your privacy, we must tell you that it is totally illegal for someone to look at your phone without your permission. Get in touch with the authorities of your city if you fear for your safety.

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