How to install the new iOS 8.3 emojis on an iPhone with Jailbreak

The arrival of iOS 8.3 brought us several novelties among them and one of the most commented has been the new multiracial emojis apart from several new models that had never appeared so far, such as the recently disappeared Spock, represented by Leonard Nimoy. The problem that many users have suffered is that if they do not have the latest version of iOS 8.3 installed, they cannot receive the new emojis, instead they receive a black square or with an alien inside.

Thanks to the Jailbreak and the time elapsed since the departure of iOS 8.3, We can already enjoy the new emojis on our devices without updating the latest version and lose the Jailbreak with all the advantages it offers us. Despite the news that iOS 8 brought, I still think that Jailbreak is still necessary to get the most out of our device and for that reason I do not plan to update the device unless it does me with an Apple Watch (requires iOS 8.2 ) Although if we give you time, surely the application appears in Cydia to enjoy the Apple smartwatch without losing the Jailbreak.

Install iOS 8.3 emojis on a jailbroken iPhone

  • First we go to Cydia, click on Sources and then in Edit.
  • Now click on Add and we write
  • Once the sources have been loaded, we go to Search for, located at the bottom right of the screen and we write Emoji iOS 8.3+, with version number 1.0-47
  • This tweak has an approximate size of 50 megabytes, so it is advisable to do it from a Wi-Fi connection to make it faster and save valuable megabytes of our rate.
  • Once it has been installed will ask us to restart the springboard to make the necessary changes and new emojis replace the old ones installed natively in iOS 8.

If for any reason the tweak does not work well, you must uninstall it and install the tweak Emoji iOS 8.3+ (FIX) only if we have problems with the Emoji iOS 8.3+ tweak.

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