How to make the flash flash on iPhone when they call

There are many devices that, in addition to acoustic warning and vibration, also include a visual alert. This visual alert is usually an LED that warns that they are or that they have called us. Some of these devices also have an LED that emits a different color light depending on the application you have notified us, such as green for WhatsApp, blue for Skype or orange for a missed call. At the moment there is no iPhone that has such an LED, but we can make the Flash turns on when a notification comes in.

If I have to be honest, turning on the flash while they are calling us does not seem to be very useful if we do not have hearing problems, since, in normal situations, whenever we have the iPhone nearby we will hear the warning or notice the vibration, But there may be situations in which it would be interesting, for example, if we leave the phone on a table while we are having a party with loud music. And of course, it will be Useful for people with hearing problems.

How to turn the iPhone flash into a notification LED

  1. We open the iPhone settings.
  2. We enter the General section.
  3. Next we look for and access Accessibility.
  4. Finally, we slide down and, in the AUDITION section, activate the switch that sets LED flashing notices.

It is clear that it fulfills the function at the moment we receive notifications, but it is not a complete system. I would say that he lacks two things to make it:

  • The notification is not repeated. This means that it only works for the moment it sounds. It is logical if we consider that the system that Apple has included is designed for people with hearing problems. We could say "And why not continue to light to warn that there is a pending notification?", Which has a very simple answer: the iPhone does not have a notification LED, we already know this, but what it uses as such It's the photography flash. Camera flashes are designed to illuminate scenes and make them look good. These flashes consume a lot of energy, so if we get a notification, the flash is blinking and we are not in front to stop it, most likely, when we realize, the battery has dropped a lot. Being the autonomy one of the problems of smartphones with touch screen, this does not seem the best idea.
  • Only notify with one color. Although the iPhone uses a True Tone flash that can emit light with different temperature colors from the iPhone 5s, the flash notifications are always white. If a person with hearing problems sees that his iPhone notifies him of “something” with a light, this person cannot know until he approaches and sees the screen if the notification is a mention on Twitter, a WhatsApp or an alarm, he That can be a problem.

Will Apple launch an iPhone with LED for notifications?

If I have to be honest, I doubt it. It is true that this type of LEDs do not take up much space and could be added almost anywhere, but the question is Where would they put it? Looking at the white iPhone 6s ahead, the device already has three holes at the top: the speaker, the camera and the light sensor. It does not seem very likely that Apple decides to add a fourth hole, or not to include a notification LED.

In addition, technology companies are striving to include maximum components in the smallest space. It is said that one of the reasons why the iPhone 7 It will not have 3.5mm jack is for the device to be thinner than an iPhone 6 that is already quite. Apparently, the notification LED is part of that hardware that Apple rejects for a device to maintain a design without overloads.

What we will surely see in the future is a accessory that complies as LED of notifications. There have already been many Kickstarter projects that have presented cases of this type, such as the Lunacase that you have in the previous image that tells us that they are calling us and uses the energy that comes out of the iPhone. That is, it takes advantage of the energy around the device to emit the warning light.

In any case, although it would be nice to see the pending notifications in different colors, I also understand that Apple prioritizes other things, such as the two-lens camera that is expected to arrive from the hand of the iPhone 7 or the screen AMOLED which, according to rumors, will arrive in 2018 with possibilities that we will see it on the iPhone 7s. Do you miss the notification LED on the iPhone?

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