How to remove raz certificates on your device

When we install root certificates on our device, we are authorizing that it can be filter private information and compromise the security of our device. Apple has already confirmed the removal of ad blockers based on root certificates, like Been Choice, from the App Store, indicating that they represent a potential risk to the privacy and security of the device. To remove any root certificate it is necessary to immerse yourself in the configuration of the device, then we will show you the steps to remove them.

How to remove root certificates from your iPhone or iPad:

Deleting a root certificate, many times it is combined with a VPN profile, it is not so obvious, but it is easy once you know how.

  1. On your home screen you should go to Settings.
  2. Click on general.
  1. Click on Profile. (If you do not see the Profile option, it means you have nothing to delete).
  1. Touch the Profile you want to delete.
  1. Press the red option that says “Delete Profile".
  1. Enter your lock code if requested.
  1. Press "Remove”To confirm the action.

Ready! The root certificate is already deleted and you will no longer be able to do any deep inspection of your web activity packages, secure transactions, private communications or anything like that.

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