iPhone SE What to expect from Apple's 4 inches?

There are many rumors that have anticipated what is already known as iPhone SE. This is the newest Apple and will come to recover the beloved 4 inches of Steve Jobs and the claimed smaller size of many users who did not like the evolution of the Apple terminal. However, it is precisely today when its presentation is planned. And precisely because of that we summarize what we can expect from the iPhone SE.

The processor that will arrive with the iPhone SE could be the A9 chip. In fact, all the rumors were betting on the A8, but the latest information indicates that Apple could have added an almost last-minute upgrade that was not previously leaked. More news will come with the camera because in principle the one that carries the iPhone SE will be precisely the one with a 12 MP sensor, like the iPhone 6s. Even despite this track, it is not clear that it is identical to that of the highest-end terminal.

On the other hand, the colors with which the iPhone SE will be presented on the market are expected to be identical to those we already have in the current market with the iPhone 6s, including pink. Regarding the launch dates and prices, it is estimated that if presented this March 21 will be available, at least in the US in a period of one week. Spain is likely to take longer to arrive. Its price will be around 400 and 500 dollars in the United States, which is more or less the price at which the iPhone 5s was sold. Of course, the price of the latter from the appearance of the iPhone SE will fall to 225 dollars.

Do you think with all this Apple's newest will be value for money or it will be better to keep one of the bargains of previous generations.

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