Jay Z removes his Blueprint discs from Apple Music

The rapper and owner of Tidal, Jay Z has removed your Blueprint discs from most music services, including Apple Music and iTunes. The albums have also disappeared from Google Play, Rhapsody, Amazon and Spotify, but they are still available on Pandora, a radio service on streaming. The rapper's movement seems like an attempt to invite users to subscribe to their own music service on streaming (I wait sitting).

Jay Z has launched several attacks on other services of music since he launched Tidal. In fact, he even rapped attacking Apple and other companies he said (translated into Spanish) “You bought nine iPhones and Steve Jobs is rich. Phil Knights (from Nike) is worth billions and you still buy those shoes. Spotify is worth 9M, don't tell us a half ***". In the same rap ensures that the attacks on Tidal have racist motives. But have you forgotten that he is also rich and still paying for his music?

On the other side of the scale is Beyoncé, the wife of Jay Z who in 2013 released his fifth and homonymous album exclusively on iTunes and did not fare too badly, selling almost a million albums in just three days. In addition, it is also known that Beyoncé likes apple products and has an 18-carat Apple Watch Edition. In short, music is a business like any other. If Jay Z makes music, he has to try to sell it by all means. Or, if you choose only one of these media, you must bet on a winning horse, such as iTunes, one of the most important digital music stores in the world. Not doing so is throwing stones at your own roof.

Tidal is a music service in streaming which has the content of some important artists, but does not end up attracting the attention of users. A rumor circulated recently that said Samsung wants to buy Tidal, which also shows that the music service in streaming The rapper is not doing as well as he would like. We will see what happens in the future.

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