London launches the bike rental system app

If you talk to any of the thousands of Spaniards in London, most will tell you that one of the best ways to get around the center of the British capital is undoubtedly the bicycle, especially after the launch of the Santander Cycles, also known colloquially as Boris Bikes (since it was Boris Johnson who introduced them). Well, after a long wait of five years, the most necessary official application is finally available.

Where you want

In total there are more than 700 stations and 11000 bicycles scattered throughout London where we can get a bike or leave it, having a maximum of 30 minutes of use per session, more than enough time to move between almost any point in the city.

The essential thing about the application is that it has access to all points, which allows us to know the bicycles available at a specific point, or if there are free places to leave the one we currently have in operation. Being updated in real time we will not have surprises when we reach a specific point, which will save us more of a dislike especially if we go in a little hurry.

Much more

But the app is not merely informative, but allows a level of interaction with the system more than acceptable. Thanks to it we can receive notifications with the total cost of renting a bicycle, plan routes before doing them, confirm the exact time at which the period of use of bicycles It has begun (vital not to spend the day) or see a history of the sections.

On the other hand, the app fully integrates the payment so that only with our iPhone we can manage everything related to the use of the system, including payments, either by daily or even annual subscriptions. All payments are associated with the bank account, and since Santander is the main sponsor of the system, this part is fully guaranteed in terms of operation.

From introduction in 2010 More than 40 million sections have been made on these bicycles, making the system a resounding success. That is why the appearance of this application was of major importance for the smooth operation of the system and especially to avoid its weakest points, providing users with a payment, planning and information system always updated and available in just a few seconds. .

Our assessment

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