Lumino City, lowered and essential at the same time

My partner Miguel told you about this same game a while ago, but now he has returned to the fore for being highlighted by Apple in the Store, for its discounted price and for having been awarded at the famous BAFTA Awards (British Academy of Film and Television Arts), what he has given to the boys of State of Play Games a worldwide relevance more than deserved.


Obviously the most important detail to review the game is that it is handmade. This may sound really strange, but it's true as life itself, and the game has been designed and created by Luke Whittaker recording with high definition cameras its incredible creation to bring the scenarios to the game. Thousands of hours spent in recreating even the smallest detail and avoiding the use of the computer to the minimum possible, such as to insert the characters and the movement of physics.

Whittaker says that his main motivation To do it this way has been the sensation when playing, incomparable with a 100% digital world, and the truth is that he is right. There is something special about this game, something that others do not have, a sense of warmth and reality that crosses the screen until we reach our retinas like no other game has done before.


The sensations when playing are good because the game too is worked So we don't get tired mentally. Keep in mind that some details such as lighting have been handmade with lamps, something that will give us a strange feeling when playing accustomed to lighting by digital effects, but what we will get used to and will probably catch us.

We will find puzzles in our path, which we must solve to move forward little by little, without hurry, enjoying the scenarios and the soundtrack. It's not a game to play five minutes nor to kill time, is to enjoy quietly as we have done for example with Monument Valley.

Right now the game is in some irreplaceable 1.99 euros, a ridiculous price for a work like this. Three years of work, thousands of hours spent manually recreating every last detail and probably one of the biggest signs that sometimes indie games clearly outperform those of large companies, at least in spirit, ingenuity and satisfaction.

Our assessment

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