Patent will turn Apple Watch into emergency warning

When Apple introduced the Apple Watch, it also did so as a device that would help us stay healthy. One of the ways to achieve this would be motivating us to perform physical exercise. They also presented HealthKit, which are tools to investigate some diseases. Today a request for patent in which it is suggested that Tim Cook and company plan turn the Apple Watch into a complete medical team May we be constantly analyzing our vital counters and send an alert if we need urgent assistance.

This new patent has been called “Help event detection and alerts”And describes a hardware system capable of analyze the environment that surrounds you for what you have called "relief events", what you have described as any event that requires personal, police, fire rescue or other emergency technician assistance. For example, a device could be programmed to control a user's heart to detect arrhythmias and, when detected, send an alert to a family member or to emergencies.

The Apple Watch of the future could save lives

In the patent application Apple Watch is not mentioned specifically, but it is the only current Apple device can meet all the objectives. The rest of the apple's devices do not meet the requirements described in this patent. We could also think that they could make other simpler bracelets, but in that case they would have to create one for each medical emergency, since, if what is intended is to launch a device with fewer functions to make it cheaper, this new device should be simpler. In addition, as a company that seeks benefits, it would be a good idea for Apple to include these functions in a watch whose most affordable model exceeds € 400. If extra hardware were needed, its cost would add to that of the Apple Watch, which seems logical and more in a company like Apple.

When the device in question detects one of these attention events, the system sends alerts to a predefined list of receivers, what is called “attendance list” or “attention circle”. This list would be established by the user and would contain contact information for family members, doctors and general emergency services.

In order for the system to work, need a tune up To avoid false alarms. The patent includes a method that intensifies notifications based on their severity before sending them to the recipients of the attention list and is divided into a different hierarchy. For example, a spouse or family member may be on the first level of the attendance list and receive the initial notice. In some scenarios, emergency services are at the highest level and are only notified if the situation intensifies or all the recipients of the list have been notified and have not responded to the call.

As we always say, that a patent has been filed does not mean that we will see it in a future product of the company that has submitted it, but it helps us to know what they are working on. Given that health is another market that seems to be gaining importance, we can think that sooner or later we will see something similar to what is described in this patent in a wearable from Apple. Of course, surely we have to wait a long time.

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