PhoneDrone, the professional drone that you will carry in your pocket.

We talked to you on a previous occasion about the fantastic campaign of XCraft, a company dedicated to drones that had the idea of convert smartphones into drones, and if a smartphone already has good components, powerful processors and cameras more than decent, why disburse such a large amount of money in a drone if we only need to give wings to the one we carry in our pocket?

And so they presented us with a campaign about their new product, the PhoneDrone, an accessory for smartphones (Android & iOS) that allowed to turn them into real drones and had everything, speed, good size, portability and above all security, and is that it incorporates a secondary system capable of bringing our smartphone safe and sound in case something fails in the air.

Let's talk a little about the drone, this is sold as an accessory compatible with Android and iOS and that provides 4 propellers, more than 4 protection systems (against failures, electrical redundancy, vibrations and even high blows) and an accessory that allows the camera of our phone change the viewing angle, in short, with this accessory and a smartphone we have all a professional drone which can even be controlled from the Apple Watch.


The design of this device is surprising, and that has saved a lot of electronics by not needing a nerve center for the device, instead a space has been enabled to introduce our smartphone or anyone * that carries Android or iOS, and it is that they already say it well, if you do not trust to put your smartphone in the air, there are compatible Android phones for € 50 (such as the Bluboo XFire), thanks to this need cut they have been able to create a drone profile of reduced size but with enough power to take on great challenges, and in it they have only included propulsion systems, protection systems and a battery so that it is not our smartphone's that should bear the load of moving the 4 propellers.


Security is perhaps The most important aspect of this product Since you have read that you have to introduce a smartphone in it, and the XCraft guys have already thought about that, they have designed the interior compartment with neoprene so that our smartphone does not suffer from vibrations caused by a flight or sudden movements , this will remain well fastened in its adjustable interior where we can even put it with a cover (and if we have one of these submersible too, and more protected it will be), behind this interior compartment we have a shell of a plastic material designed to be shock resistant, In case our drone falls this case would receive the impact and protect our smartphone so that it did not receive any damage, since our smartphone is the most important.

And finally and more surprisingly, this drone works by running an application on our smartphone (from which you can even set a maximum altitude and safe flight zones) and being remotely controlled with another or with our Apple Watch, and like all applications, it is possible that it suffers some crash or bug, and therefore the XCraft team has enabled a secondary system that would allow this drone in case of an application failure to land safely making use of its propellers, so we should not fear that our drone will fly away, and that is, remember, all the sensors that our smartphone has this drone will have, and currently all smartphones have GPS.


Since XCraft they have very clear things, they are not at all rookies in the world of drones, they already have in the market their most advanced drone called XPlusOne, a drone capable of taking off vertically (like the others) and flying horizontally to reach speeds of up to 100km / hNothing negligible for a device with the possibility of including a GoPro and making autonomous follow-up flights (without the need to be controlled).

They launched a campaign in IndieGoGo last year of which we already informed you, but at that time it was too early to know to what extent it would succeed since the campaign was not over, however today the campaign is already more than closed with more than 300% of the target amount that were marked raised, between that and an important collaboration with 5 American investors who got on a television program, XCraft has a mattress more than stuffed with money to get what they propose and more.

And it is because on the occasion that the delivery of these drones to their IndieGoGo investors is coming they have offered the possibility of participating post-campaign to anyone who wishes to, and also benefiting from the discount that only those who took a risk when the campaign was not yet founded enjoyed, and there are discounts up to 42% being able to get this accessory for almost half of its price (see section on prices and availability).

Special functions

Just think about this,How many sensors will my smartphone have?, the iPhone 6s for example even has a barometer, this allows you to know the height at which it is in full flight, this added to the GPS of our phone, Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth and even 3G or LTE of the smartphone and sensors that in case it carries this accessory, we have a drone capable of establishing routes, flying autonomously, taking pictures, videos, time-lapse, slow motion videos (with an iPhone 6s of up to 240fps), follow us, establish a maximum altitude, take flying selfies, everything you can imagine and more.

If you are worried if your device is compatible, you should know that works with iPhone 4S onwards and Samsung Galaxy S2 and similar or higher Android smartphones (virtually any), so compatibility is another of its strengths.

And the story doesn't end here, they plan to release an API so that any developer can create applications for PhoneDrone, this means that knowing how to program for iOS or Android you can develop your own application and get the most out of PhoneDrone.

Price and availability

As for the original price, the cheapest is € 400, however, as I mentioned before, there are discounts of up to 42%, this leaves the possibility of getting a PhoneDrone for € 230, and hope that that is not all, a PhoneDrone plus a Bluboo XFire (€ 50 Android smartphone) total € 280, this means that we have the opportunity to get hold of a complete professional drone for less than € 300, the DJI Phantom amounts to € 600, and the Parrot Bebop Drone and other similar ones are around the same figure or more, the only rival of this drone is a drone of these Chinese, from which you can not expect even half of the functions of the that has the PhoneDrone.

So if PhoneDrone has convinced you, do not miss the opportunity to get one when they deliver them to those who have financed through IndieGoGo, perhaps this product opens the door to new types of content on social networks, new ways of doing use of our devices and new pilots furrowing the skies. You can purchase yours by accessing this link.

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