Quetzalcoatl is an interesting puzzle game

It is appreciated that after many years of simple games there are still developers able to surprise us, and this is the case of 1Button with Quetzalcoatl, a game inspired by the Aztec world (hence the name and aesthetics) that has some really interesting elements to make us have a good time giving the coconut.


Perhaps one of the elements that are not usually valued in games – or at least not as much as it should – is the correct application of a progressive difficulty. Sometimes the games make us desperate to be very easy constantly or to have too sudden changes of difficulty, but this is not the case.

Quetzalcoatl has the levels perfectly designed not only for us to adapt to the mechanics of the game, but for our mind to gradually be coupled to the way to solve the puzzles. The mechanics of the game may seem simple, but when the levels get complicated, it will be very important to learn to advance through the level and not want to find the solution in a hurry.

The mechanics of the game is as simple as putting the colored circles on its corresponding base, all moving the snake that contains it, which will generate not a few problems to reach the desired placement.


Being of simple approach, the logical thing is that aesthetics were also simple, which is a complete success. It is true that it could have improved a little there and made it more spectacular there, but in broad strokes the graphic section is more than enough and allows us to focus on the really important game, which is the gameplay.

The game has 180 levels (and I am sure that they will be falling more in the next updates) that at times will seem very simple and at other times they will cost us more, but that without a doubt they will hook us to the iPhone screen until we can solve them. In addition, being relatively short levels the game is perfect to play a game in those waiting moments of few minutes that we usually have throughout the day.

Finally, it should be noted that how could it be otherwise the game is integrated into Game Center To compete with our friends. Of course, to get us with him it is time to go to the cashier and pay two euros, price on the other hand more than justified by the original approach and the good execution.

Our assessment

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1Button SARL4.5

€ 2.29

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