SolidLUUV or How to improve the camera of our iPhone?

For all known that the new iPhones 6 and 6s differ from their older brothers 6 Plus and 6s Plus in three unique aspects; the screen, the camera and the battery.

Unfortunately, not everyone is comparable despite our efforts, however there are things we can do to match and even do improve the little brother in reference to his older brother.

For the first aspect, which is the screen, we cannot do anything, however on the iPhone 6 and 6s screen they have proven to defend themselves rather than leftovers for daily needs.

It is an aspect of the battery, the battery can be improved thanks to a case with the integrated battery or always carrying an external battery, in this case we can even overcome the older brother.

And last but not least is the camera, the iPhones of the plus series have an optical image stabilizer, an element that we would all like to have on our device and that I have blamed Apple for not integrating it into our iPhone 6 and 6s.

But not all of us are the news, thanks to the great community that behind Apple products, we can enjoy these improvements in our devices, and I just come to talk about one of its improvements, in this case we talk about mechanical and electronic image stabilizer that will greatly improve the quality of our videos and will allow us to use it both with our camera and with our mobile device.


This device will be the perfect companion of our iPhone when it comes to recording videos, especially if these videos are recorded from a difficult perspective the stabilization section, Examples of them can be sport videos like the one that shows the campaign of skateboarding or longboarding.

To record this type of sport we need a good stabilization and especially if we are going to record from above the table, however it is not the only occasion in which we will be able to use this stabilizer, have image stabilization will make our iPhone have to focus less and the quality of our videos is greatly improved.

Here is an example of video recorded with the device:

How to get me with one?

Getting SolidLUUV and matching the videos to those of the iPhone 6 Plus or 6s Plus will cost you approximately € 100, the advantage over the OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) of the Plus model is that SolidLUUV has double stabilization system, we have the SolidLUUV with mechanical stabilization and the UltraLUUV that also incorporates electronic stabilization, both combined systems will make the videos on our smartphone, GoPro or conventional camera perfectly stable and the improvements that this entails in level of detail and focus.

You can do with your SolidLUUV or UltraLUUV In your official KickStarter campaign, a safe bet since are about to triple the target they had marked and they still have more than 10 days left!

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