Spigen cases reveal the real shape of the iPhone SE

Not long ago we talked to you about the manufacturers of covers for devices and the secrets that they usually reveal thanks to their production. They usually carry out their protection products before the final launch of the new devices in order to be able to attend the demand. In this case we find the most reliable of all once again, it is the turn of Spigen, one of the most famous brands of covers worldwide. The renderings to show the covers of the new devices imply what the final shapes and designs of the iPhone SE will be.

Until recently the designers of cases did not agree on the sizes and shapes of the iPhone SE, however, Spigen has spoken, and in fact has said a lot with very little. Basically the iPhone SE is a carbon copy of the iPhone 5s, at least it is what it looks like in the face of these cases that you plan to launch. We did not find any physical difference between the iPhone 5s and the iPhone SE shown in these Spigen cases that have been filtered by MacRumors. No trace of the side button or rounded edges, nothing about the bulge of the rear camera, and even the flash is identical to that of the iPhone 5s despite the fact that in the iPhone 6 they managed to reduce its size.

The only thing we can see slightly is that perhaps this model is a bit thinner than the previous one, but little or nothing else. However this is not a definitive leak, we are pleasantly surprised by the fact that we have not yet seen a single filtered image of what the iPhone SE would be, although we remain expectant, it never hurts to keep the intrigue until the end. Another undisclosed data is still the exact date of this March KeynoteHow much secrecy.

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