Steve Wozniak is concerned that the Apple Watch is a jewel

Steve Wozniak is a friend of giving headlines, but these headlines share two cornerstones, the first is that it takes too long without going out in the media, the second is to name what was his company, Apple. This time he has done a “ask me anything” (ask me anything) in RedditAnd how could it be otherwise, he has received a huge amount of questions about Apple, its environment, and how it sees the world of technology today, something quite different from what it was in its time. The owner who has left the good Woz is that he is very concerned about Apple's direction now that the Apple Watch has been related to the world of jewelry.

Wozniak did not miss the opportunity to praise the work of Tim Cook as CEO of the company, Steve Jobs as CEO did not like it so much, in fact he left the company with him in command. He praised how Cook is able to work hard to innovate and make better products. He also talked about how Cook prioritizes Apple customers above all and jealously protects them. However, Timmy's good guy has also done things that concern Woz, one of them is the Apple Watch and its line, according to Wozniak there are twenty watches between five hundred and one thousand dollars whose only difference is the selected strap, that if, does not lose occasion of saying he "loves" his Apple Watch. He never misses the opportunity to say how much he likes Apple products, but not before releasing a good poisoned dart.

I am a little worried that Apple is linked to the jewelry market. It seems that there is buying a watch between five hundred and a thousand dollars depending on the type of person you are. The only difference is the strap on all these watches. There are twenty watches that are in that price range at Apple. The only difference is the belt? That is not what Apple originally created or the company that intended to change the course of the entire world. But you know, you have to follow the market paths

In addition to this, Woz noted that currently uses an Apple Watch almost daily, more specifically the steel model. He says he enjoys responding quickly to messages and communicating without the need to take his phone and take it out of his pocket. Wozniak also says that it is one of his favorite “hands-free” devices, however, he also talks about Amazon's “Echo”.

I had other smart watches, but none convinced me. For example, I used a Galaxy Gear, however, it only lasted half a day, it didn't make me feel comfortable. Apple's watch, for example, does incredible things, and I also use Apple Pay, Passbook boarding passes and all Siri commands while I work.

What does Wozniak think about the battle between Apple and the FBI?

Obviously Steve Wozniak was asked about the relationship between Apple and the FBI that is being given by the Government's request to unlock an iPhone 5c, owned by one of the terrorists involved in the San Bernardino attacks. He wanted to compare the current surveillance of the citizen by the United States Government with Stalin's RussiaHe also points out that Tim does well to not create this iOS access software because it could fall into bad hands and cause a lot of damage.

You cannot tell someone “I am not going to look at you” or “I am not going to look in the drawers”, if you say so you must be honest and keep your word. I grew up at a time when Stalin's communist Russia thought that everyone was spying on her, everyone believed they were going to get secrets from him that would send him to jail, but that's what the Declaration of Human Rights is for.

These have been the most important words that Steve has left us during this appointment in Reddit, as always leaving good headlines of Woz.

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