The cookie monster sneaks into Apple ads

Apple has used in one of its latest ads aimed at commenting on the abilities of the iPhone 6s to a character that few expected to ever see in a technology ad. We talked about the cookie monster, nothing more and nothing less, this popular character of the "Teleñecos" of blue color and lover of cookies with chocolate chips. In the announcement, the charismatic character uses the benefits of Siri on his iPhone 6s to be able to use the device while cooking. However, knowing what you are cooking is not too difficult, but we will leave you curious about the dish until the end of the article.

Although Siri is available on all iPhone in the market (current), the ability to say “hey Siri” and that the voice assistant is automatically activated is restricted only to the latest models, models with the S at the end and 6 at the beginning of its rubric. The announcement lasts only one minute and is quite curious.

In this round of ads to sell the iPhone 6s, Apple is trying to show off its most exclusive qualities, we speak of course of "hey Siri", LivePhotos and 3D Touch technology. It's not the first time Apple makes an announcement about "hey Siri," but it's the first time he uses such a character for this. The announcement also emphasizes that Siri recognizes what the cookie monster tells him despite his "peculiar" accent. With it, play music lists, activate the timer and other typical tasks. This is how the bluish character cooks his favorite delicacy, how could you expect? It's cookies!

The reference to Sesame Street at the end is spectacular, a curious detail while fun to finish.

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