The new Steve Jobs movie has raised $ 2.2 million

Although the new film about Steve Jobs has not yet been officially released throughout the American territory, this last weekend has been rescheduled in more than 60 movie theaters. Last weekend, the new film that represents three key moments in the life of the Apple co-founder, could only be seen in several rooms in Los Angeles and New York, on this occasion Universal Studios has decided to expand the number of cities and halls where Apple fans have been able to enjoy this new movie. The film will officially premiere on October 23 across the country, and it will be then when we will see if the film really is a success or not.

On the first weekend, the last film starring Michal Fassbender, raised just over $ 500,000 in the three days he was on the bill in Los Angeles and New York. Instead this last weekend, the collection has reached 1.5 million dollars In the three days he has been on the billboard, raising $ 516,000 on Friday, 527,000 on Saturday and $ 437,000 yesterday Sunday, with an average collection revenue per room and $ 25,000.

At the moment it seems that the film is being a resounding success, but we must also bear in mind This movie is aimed at a specific public niche which are the users of Apple products. Steve Jobs has always had a reputation for having a character that was too strong with everyone around him. After his death, there were several people who claimed that they preferred to climb the stairs of the Cupertino facilities so as not to have to cross with Jobs in the elevator and that he would ask him what he was working on, for fear of telling him.

In the movie they look several character samples that Jobs had in general and in particular when discussing with the other Steve, Wozniak, who has claimed that the film faithfully represents the personality of Jobs, where Fassbender does a great job, but that really everything represented in the film did not happen as told. At the moment this last film is receiving better reviews than the first one called Jobs, played by Ashton Kutcher.

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