TomTom continue to provide their maps to Apple

As you all know, one of Apple's biggest failures to date are its maps. Many users have tried to go to some places and we have verified with more or less fortune that the maps of Cupertino's "fail more than a fair shotgun." But, in reality, the problem is not the maps themselves, but their search system.

Apple maps are given by TomTom, the Dutch manufacturer of navigation systems for cars, motorcycles and mobile devices. One of the best companies in terms of cartography is concerned. Luckily for everyone, especially for Apple since many users still do not trust the maps of the bitten apple, the company led by Tim Cook and TomTom have renewed their contract, so Apple maps will continue to use information from TomTom in your mobile application, desktop and web version.

As it happened the first time, no details of the operation have been disclosed. The cost is not known or for how long the agreement will last. Seeing that Apple maps have been around for almost 3 years, we could assume that this agreement would have a similar duration, but they are only assumptions.

Apple partnered with TomTom in 2012, just before they included their own maps and removed all traces of Google Maps. A year later, Apple took its maps to OS X Mavericks. TomTom only provides the information on the maps, but points of interest and other data are provided by Yelp or Booking. According to analysts, who wins with this union is TomTom for working with a large company like Apple, but, aside from the revenue, we are earning Apple Maps users.

Although both this renewal and recent acquisitions by Apple are positive for its maps, I am still missing a notice of acquisition or agreement that refers to searches from its application. Using TomTom maps and information of renowned services, I think it is an important failure that we do not give with what we are looking for and, in the end, we only waste time.

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