TSMC and ARM partner to create a 7nm processor

A10 processor concept

If the rumors are true, all processors for iPhone 7 will be manufactured by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, better known as TSMC. The reasons are mainly two: Samsung would not be able to manufacture the chips in a 10nm process and Apple would depend less on one of its main rivals. Taking into account the process of manufacturing the processors, this could remain so for a long time, since TSMC and the ARM chip designer have announced that they will work together to create 7nm processors.

On the first iOS devices, Apple used ARM designs until they started using their own with the arrival of the iPhone 5, but have continued to use their instructions since then. On the other hand, TSMC has been one of the leading manufacturers of processors for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, something that seems not to change in many years. At a minimum, Tim Cook and the company will continue to rely on the Taiwanese company until 2018, since the TSMC-ARM company expects to start manufacturing the first 7nm chip units in 2017 to begin its mass production for 2018.

The A12 will be manufactured by TSMC and will be 7nm

If we take into account that Apple will present the A10 processor in 2016 and that the mass production of 7nm processors will start in 2018, we can think that the A12 processor It will be manufactured by TSMC in a 7nm process. The lower the number of nanometers in the manufacturing process, the greater the efficiency and the lower the consumption, so, in theory, the iPhone 8 processor would have a consumption of less than half that of the iPhone 6s.

But keep in mind that not all consumption depends on the processor. What consumes more energy is the screen, a component that could also change in 2018 to include a screen AMOLED. Joining 7nm processor and a screen that only consumes energy in the pixels used, we can think that the autonomy of the iPhone 8 will be much greater than that of the iPhone 6s. Hopefully so.

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