What to present Apple at the Keynote on March 21?

We were waiting for many this Keynote of March 21 with eagerness. Not only because of the arrival of the rumored iPhone SE, since that is only one of the new devices that we can see there. We will talk about everything that is expected in the Keynote that will be given within ten days at 7:00 pm Spanish time but in Cupertino. The arrival of the iPhone SE could be eclipsed by an iPad Pro “Mini” of 9.7 inches, by a surprising renewal of some devices in the Macbook range as well as the elimination of others. We will tell you what Apple will present during the next Keynote on March 21 in the absence of surprises.

“Let us loop you in”, it is practically a phrase made, so do not launch yourself to the Google or Bing translator, it would be something like “let us roll up”, as if to say that you do not resist, let yourself be carried away by news that Apple will present on the 21st and that will make you fully enroll in the apple ecosystem. So, I’m going to tell you a little about what’s on the way during that Keynote.

iPhone SE

How could it be otherwise, we started with the iPhone SE, without a doubt it will not be the device with which Apple will start talking, but I know that many of you do not want to read more about the account. Let’s summarize what we know so far: The iPhone SE will be incredibly similar to the iPhone 5S, to the point that they may be exactly the same, at least that is expected. On the other hand, the hardware is what brings us happy, a device with 2GB of RAM, the iPhone 6 camera accompanied by the Apple A9 processor will be what drives this small 4-inch with retina resolution once again. Presumably the Touch ID will be the security input method and of course it will include an NFC chip that will make it fully compatible with Apple Pay as it could not be otherwise. This is all we know so far about the iPhone SE and certainly what we expect.

A model that will come in the range of four colors of Apple: Rose Gold, Champagne, Space Gray and White Silver. With a price that will be around 450-550 € although I get more wet and I encasqueto the price of the current iPhone 5s, about 509 euros. It will be on sale the following Monday surprisingly, although we doubt it, since no photograph of the device itself has been leaked yet.

Renewal of the MacBooks range

Apple’s MacBook terrain got out of hand, no doubt there are models that are beginning to stop making sense and I will show you what they are. The Macbook Air and the classic Macbook Pro. The reason why the Macbook Air is a clear candidate to be out of the catalog is obvious, it competes with the MacBook, which is thinner, just as powerful, and has an intermediate screen size, meanwhile, in the upper ranking we We found the MacBook Pro that is little more expensive with similar hardware. So the MacBook Air stops making sense and the most logical thing would be to lower the current MacBook to match it in price to the MacBook Air, which would significantly increase your sales. On the other hand, the classic MacBook Pro is a completely outdated model and few understand that it remains in the Apple catalog.

Finally, Intel’s new roll processors are knocking on the door, and loud. Skylake is positioned as a standard and it is possible that the Macbook Pro Retina in its thirteen and fifteen-inch editions do not undergo design renewal, but if they include these new processors that consume less power at the same power than Intel’s “i” range.

The iPad Pro “Mini”


If the river makes a noise its because water is running. And the river is sounding too much with what at first seemed to be called iPad Air 3 but it seems that it won’t be finally. The iPad Air 2 already has a successor, it will be an iPad Pro to use but 9.7 inches. With four GB of RAM (doubling the Air 2) and four speakers, the same processor and a screen compatible with the Apple Pencil is positioned as the relay of the iPad, unifying the range as “Pro”. This will come from the hand of a possible price increase of the iPad, lowering the iPad Air 2 little or nothing and completely unhooking the iPad Air and the mini editions before the fourth generation.

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