WhatsApp may be the next objective of the FBI

Since November 2014, WhatsApp has included end-to-end encryption in its messaging application. This means that, in theory, only the sender and the recipient of the message will be able to read it, thus becoming inaccessible to everyone else, including the company now owned by Facebook. This hinders the work of the forces of the law and, for that reason, WhatsApp could be the next objective of the Department of Justice U.S. We recall that the United States Government has taken Apple to court to help them access the iPhone 5c of the San Bernardino sniper.

Unlike the Apple case, the Department of Justice you still have to decide if you start with WhatsApp the same legal procedure that you have started with the Cupertino company. The information comes to us from The New York Times and it ensures that, as in previous versions of iOS, researchers had access to all WhatsApp traffic until they added end-to-end encryption and also asked to relax the security of this encryption so that the forces of the law had access to everything that happens in the messaging application that we already use more than 1 billion users.

Law enforcement already has access to WhatsApp voice calls

As in any other type of phone calls, law enforcement they have permission to puncture calls WhatsApp voice, but cannot do the same with messages if they are encrypted. It is assumed that when a messaging application includes end-to-end encryption, the companies that offer the service do not have access to the key that decrypts the messages, so they could not offer help to the Justice Department even if they wanted to.

The foundation Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) wants to know, as long as the Justice Department starts the legal process against the messaging application owned by Facebook, if this case will have the same result as Apple vs.. FBI, which means that WhatsApp could use all the arguments used by the company that runs Tim Cook.

There are officials who say that the Department of Justice has been talking about how they could continue their investigations, investigations that have nothing to do with terrorists. If we pay attention to what these officials say, it would be demonstrated, once again, that what American law enforcement wants is to have access to all the data of all the software in the world, which is too dangerous for users of all the planet. If we have to look at the positive side, taking WhatsApp to court would make Apple have an ally in its battle against the FBI, something more important if we consider that the ally could be Facebook. We will see how this all ends.

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