Xiaomi Mi Scale to test, is it worth it?

The world of the Internet of Things is booming. Thanks to WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity, numerous everyday objects that had little or nothing to do with the world of technology, evolve and offer us new ways to quantify and analyze data.

Until relatively recently, the scale was an object that many of us had in the bathroom and that hardly provided information beyond our weight, however, products like the Xiaomi Mi Scale go beyond and they offer us much more at a really competitive price. We like Smart Things but we also like them to be affordable for your pocket. Let's see if the Xiaomi Mi Scale meets or not

Xiaomi Mi Scale, unboxing

It does not make much sense to talk about the unboxing of a scale but if you are aware of the world of technology, you will know that Xiaomi is usually inspired by Apple products. The Cupertino brand has no products in this sector but after seeing the packaging, I can't help smiling and have the feeling that I am facing a scale designed by Apple.

The product is the first thing you see right after opening the austere cardboard box and It is impeccably lined with a transparent protective plastic, in the style of an iPhone, an iPad or even a MacBook.

With the scale already in hand, the shapes and finishes also remind of Apple lines. A clean design, very pleasing to the eye and with a simple “Mi” by logo that stands out on its tempered glass surface. The Xiaomi Mi Scale is pretty, very pretty.

If we turn around and look at the bottom, we will see a switch that changes the units From Kg to Pounds, I don't know what position each one is, so it's time to rotate until you find the right one. The product is not in English, at least the unit I have in my hands.

Finally, note that this scale uses a total of four AA batteries. The lid opening mechanism could be better designed but it complies, we will not be changing the batteries every month.

What do you have of smart the My Scale?

At this point in the article, you may not be sure that we are talking about a scale. The secret is that the Xiaomi Mi Scale it has Bluetooth, so that thanks to the company's application, we can use this function to keep track of our weight over time.

The scale too can be used as a family, recognizing each member automatically as soon as you put both feet on its surface. At that time, the white backlit screen will appear out of nowhere and will mark the weight.

If we have our iPhone with Bluetooth activated and the Mi Fit application open, the scale synchronize saved data with our profile of user, so that we can graphically see the evolution of our weight, body mass index and if we are thin, average or overweight.

Those who take care of themselves or have to go on a diet will see many advantages in this characteristic, avoiding having to keep a manual control of all the records. Of course, I also know synchronize with the Health app included in the latest versions of iOS.

For making a point on the accuracy of the scale, in my case it has nailed me the values ​​that the previous scale gave me. I have read cases of people who have had problems, or that each time they weighed a different figure came out but it has not been my case. I've been with her for almost a month and it's going perfect.

Price of the Xiaomi Mi Scale

Surely you have reached this point, the scale convinces you but you are susceptible, you have seen other similar products in online stores for more than 100 euros in many cases. Do not worry, the Xiaomi costs in many places between 15 euros and 20 euros, especially if you bring it imported.

Some Spanish stores sell it but doubling the price, something that makes it lose part of its appeal.

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€ 15.50


  • Finishes and design
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Price


  • Mi Fit app update policy

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