25 new features of the Galaxy Note 10

One of the new colors of the Galaxy Note 10 is practically silver mirror type, but it reflects the light in all kinds of colors.

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus arrive with a lot of news compared to what we learned in e Note 9 and even the Galaxy S10.

Next, we collect 25 new features of the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus.

Galaxy Note 10: Important News

  1. Two size options: The Galaxy Note 10 can be purchased in sizes 6.3 inches (Note 10) and 6.8 inches (Note 10 Plus).
  2. Smaller Bezels: The screens have almost no bezels and give the impression of a pure screen cell phone on the front.
  3. 256GB of initial storage: 64GB and 128GB are already in the past, now Samsung only offers from 256GB of storage.
  4. New processor in the model with Exynos: The version of Note 10 sold in more markets It has a new Exynos 9825 processor which will allow to place it more evenly in terms of graphic performance with the Snapdragon 855, the other processor used in the United States and a few other markets.
  5. Ms RAM: The Galaxy Note 10 no longer has 6GB of RAM, but now we see 8GB in the Note 10 or 12GB in the Note 10 Plus.
  6. A front camera perforated on the screen (centered): The front camera is integrated through a hole in the screen and unlike the Galaxy S10 Plus you only find one in the Galaxy Note 10 Plus.
  7. Without iris scanner: You can no longer unlock the phone using your iris.
  8. Without headphone jack: Ningn Galaxy Note 10 has a traditional headphone jack, but Samsung includes a USB-C headset in the box. The adapter sells it separately (US $ 9.99).
  9. Three and four rear cameras: The Note 10 has three rear cameras and the Note 10 Plus adds a Flight Time (ToF) sensor to that repertoire.
  10. No button dedicated to Bixby. The Bixby button has been removed to be integrated into the power button.
  11. All buttons on the left side: You will no longer find the power button on the right side edge, because it is now on the left side edge, just below the volume bar.
  12. Air Actions: Holding down the S Pen button you can move it to the right, left, up, down or in circles to control different apps without touching the cell phone.
  13. MicroSD slot: Only the Galaxy Note 10 Plus has a microSD slot
  14. Blurred background recording: All Galaxy Note 10, even those without the ToF sensor, can record video with a blurred background.
  15. Wireless reversible charge: Like the S10, the Note 10 can not only be charged wirelessly, but can also be used to charge other devices in the same way.
  16. Headset on top edge: The headset is not under the screen, or just at the intersection of the screen with the top edge, but is directly on the top edge.
  17. More advanced video editing app: The video app now allows you to have more control of what you recorded and even select background music.
  18. AR Doodles for the Note 10 Plus: You can decorate people or the scene with your drawings in augmented reality so that you later record a video. The drawings on faces or heads of people remain attached to people as they move, while the other creations are static.
  19. Game booster: Using artificial intelligence, the Galaxy Note 10 will try to exploit its full potential to offer the best video game experience. Even the Note 10 will take into account the video game you are playing to consider the required power and battery consumption.
  20. Native Screen Recording: In the quick settings panel you can activate the native screen video recording. Even that recording has the option to activate the front camera to appear through a bubble in the recording.
  21. Link to Windows: You can pair your computer with Windows to the Galaxy Note 10 so that you not only receive notifications automatically, but you can also respond to them. You can even see your most recent photos.
  22. Load much faster: Instead of charging at 15 watts with cable or 7.5 watts wirelessly like the S10 and Note 9, the Galaxy Note 10 can be charged at 25 watts (Note 10) and 45 watts (Note 10 Plus) with cable and 12 watts (Note 10) and 15 watts (Note 10 Plus) wirelessly. It is worth bearing in mind that the charger that the two bring is 25 watts.
  23. 5G version without major changes: Both the Galaxy Note 10 and the Note 10 Plus have a 5G version that maintains the same specifications. The only difference is compatibility with 5G networks. It is worth bearing in mind that while the Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G s will be sold in the United States, the Note 10 5G will be sold, for the moment, only in South Korea.
  24. New colors: The Note 10 will be available in black and white, but also a new Aura Glow color that seems to be a mirror type, but reflects light in all kinds of colors. In addition, the Note 10 will be available in pink and the Note 10 Plus, in blue. The colors vary according to the market.
  25. Price: The Galaxy Note 10 is cheaper than the initial Note 9 cost last year (US $ 949 vs. US $ 999), while the Note 10 Plus is more expensive (US $ 1,099). The Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G has a starting price of US $ 1,299.

You can learn more about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 here, as well as the Galaxy Note 10 Plus and Note 10 Plus 5G here.

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