5 websites to download HD wallpapers for mobile

In addition to being able to download applications in which to find a multitude of wallpapers for our mobile we can also take a look at the web, from our PC. There are numerous websites specialized in offering the best wallpapers, or wallpapers, so that our mobile is just as we like it, perfectly identifiable and unique. This is one of the great advantages of Android that, with a little time, dedication, maa and patience we can leave it to our liking and that the mobile we have does not resemble any other. This time we will focus on the wallpapers, that we see nothing more unlock our device.

Below we offer five websites to download wallpapers for the Android mobile at high resolution. Once you have downloaded it, you can send it to the mobile using different methods, such as connecting it via USB cable to the computer or sending the file to your email (or to the cloud) and then downloading it from the mobile. We recommend that you download a good number of them, compress them all in a ZIP or RAR file, upload it to Google Drive and then download the package on the mobile, save time and choose from a large number of wallpapers.

The best websites to download wallpapers for mobile in HD


In this website you will find a large number of wallpapers in 1080p resolution, very suitable for mobile phones that support that quality. To download it you should keep in mind that, if you have activated some advertising blocker in your browser, you can't do it, so if you want to download to the bottom of this screen, keep that in mind. When you have deactivated it, we go to the background we want, click on it or on ‘Download’.

Next, a black screen will open with a advertising banner. Wait for the account to end and click on the link that has appeared (which reads ‘Watch Original Resolution’) and that you can see in the next screenshot.

In addition, the website incorporates a search engine so you can find the wallpaper you are looking for using keywords, although we recommend that you better use the gender search category: abstracts, animals, science fiction, cars, celebrities, series, comics … You have at your disposal a great variety so you can find the one you like best.

Also, on this website you can create your own creations so that other users can enjoy them on their own mobile. And you can also vote and mark as favorite those that you like, although for this you will have to make a personal account.


A well-known Android wallpaper application, Unsplash, which also has its PC version. With a very worked interface, as soon as we enter the web we see a gallery with sample funds so you can take a look and start downloading. In the upper part we have different categories so you can find your perfect wallpaper: textures, nature, movies, animals … In addition, in Unsplash we have a very interesting section, that of the collections. The website itself compiles wallpapers that have something in common and offers them in a comfortable galley. It can be a galley with the newest funds, or that they have a rainy day in common, or models that wear denim clothes.

You can also create your own collections of wallpapers but, of course, you will have to make an account, totally free. To download a background, press on l and then on ‘Download Free‘ Wait a few seconds and the download will start automatically. Add any background to favorites to keep track of it, in case you want to return to it in the future. On this screen you can find a shortcut to add the fund to your own collection.

Android Walls

A very appropriate name for a website that collects wallpapers for Android. The page opts for minimalism in its interface: we see on the main screen a series of backgrounds already selected, (a total of 12) that we can see page by page of a total of 180. On one side we have the column of categories, where we will find backgrounds of animals, colors, food and drink, illustrations, abstracts, etc. At the top we have the possibility that the page offers us a random wallpaper (if you like to risk), in addition to having your own collection of funds located and the most 'liked' funds by the community, most viewed and downloaded , in case you want to be safe.

Android Walls puts at your disposal a total of 2,158 wallpapers for your mobile. If you are interested in downloading one of them, click on it and, on the next screen, click on ‘Download Wallpaper‘ At that moment the download screen will open and you will have the desired wallpaper on your computer.


The social network in which we "pine" photos and illustrations to inspire us in our day can also help us find that perfect wallpaper that we so crave. You just have to go directly to this link to find a large number of wallpapers for your Android phone.

You can also put in the search ‘Android Wallpaper’ and find boards already created by some users


We are going, finally, with Pexels, a very interesting website where, in addition to funds for our Android mobile, we can find photographs without rights to be able to use them in our blogs or anywhere else. In this link specifically we will find a large number of wallpapers in high resolution to give that unique and special touch to our mobile.

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