Beware of this app that tries to steal you 85 dollars a year

A new application has just arrived at the App Store, although it is really the same app that Apple removed a few months ago for trying to trick users. This app is aimed at users with an iPhone with Touch ID and pretend you can read your heartbeat just by placing your finger on the Touch ID sensor.

Instead of measuring your pulse with the Touch ID, something completely impossible, the app, which incorporates purchases within the application, you subscribe to a service that costs $ 85 a year. This application is called Pulse Heartbeat ”and its developer is registered as BIZNES-PLAUVANNYA, PP.

Apple will soon remove it from the App Store

Manzana removed this application in november last year, but now Mac Magazine in Brazil reports that the application has returned to the App Store. In addition this app is coming out in YouTube ads, for which there are now many more users exposed to this scam.

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The operation of this application is really amazing, once started it explains that you should place your finger on the Touch ID reader and that's when the screen brightness drops to a minimum. However, what he is doing is trying to hide the notification that you are going to subscribe for 340 Brazilian reais, which is equivalent to about 85 dollars. By having your finger placed on the Touch ID the user accepts this subscription without realizing.

This is not the only app of this style, It is estimated that there are about 2,000 fraudulent applications They try to scam users with similar methods. Normally Apple is aware and usually eliminate them as soon as possible, although during the time they are active they may be able to deceive several users. For that reason you have to be very careful and remember, Touch ID is not able to measure your pulse.