How to block web pages in Google Chrome on your Android mobile

On certain occasions, our children use our cell phone to spend some time entertaining, watching some YouTube videos or children's television series. The telephone can be, however, a door that your child can open, accessing content that is not recommended for his age. What to do to be completely calm and safe when we give the mobile to our son, or when he has his own but still is not of age? One of the most recommended is prohibiting access to certain web pages of inappropriate content. To do this, browsers offer a series of very simple tools to use. And this is where we come in: we are going to choose one of the most used Internet browsers on an Android mobile, Google Chrome, and we are going to teach you to block certain web pages. It is very simple!

To block web pages on your Android mobile we will download a free application, and without ads, which we will find in Google Chrome and that is called Block Site, a completely free tool that, in addition, does not incorporate ads or payments inside. For the application to work correctly we must give it the corresponding permissions in the accessibility section. Do not worry because your own phone will indicate what you should do.

Once we have performed this operation, we continue with the configuration of Block Site. On the next screen we will see, we can see an icon in the form of ‘+’. It is this icon that we will press to place all those web pages to which we want to restrict access. You don't need to place the http, not even the three w, just with the name of the web enough. For example, in this case, we will restrict access from Google Chrome to the Facebook website. To do this, we put in the application ‘’ and that's it, as it appears in the following screenshots. At the moment they want to enter the page, a nice message will appear, courtesy of the application itself.

In addition, the application of Block Site can also serve those who need to concentrate on our work but, in the end, we always end up taking the phone and getting distracted by the occasional application such as Instagram or WhatsApp (although the latter we usually use it even for work). With the Block Site tool we can do the same as with the websites: prohibit access to certain applications chosen by ourselves. When the user opens an application that is blocked by the tool, a message reappears and we will not be able to access it.

Here we will have entered the ‘Working mode‘(Work Mode). We will do the same as in the previous cases: select banned websites and applications and set a ban time. During all that time we will not be able to enter the websites that we bookmark or in certain applications.

In the application of Block Site, in addition, we have a third tab in which, through a switch, we can prohibit access to all adult content websites, something very useful when we lend the phone to our children.