My Xiaomi Redmi disconnects from WiFi automatically: 6 solutions

If you have a Xiaomi Redmi and you are presenting connection problems, the best thing you can do is keep in mind a series of tips before losing patience. He thinks that the automatic disconnection of a WiFi network may be due to different causes, and is not always related to the terminal. The first thing you should look at is if you are very far from the router. In many cases the distance, especially if you are in a large house or ground floor, prevents you from having a good signal due to the large number of obstacles that separate the router from your device.

Once you have verified that distance is not the problem, take note of the following tips.

1. Restart the device

One of the first steps you must take is to restart the device. Although it seems absurd, in most cases simply turning off the phone and turning it on again the connection is stable again. If the problems continue once you restart your Xiaomi Redmi, Switch from WiFi connection to mobile data. For it:

  • Open the settings section and enter Connections
  • Disable the WiFi connection and activate the mobile data connection. Check if there is any change.
  • If everything stays the same, deactivate the mobile data, activate the WiFi connection and see if it already works.

Many times simply doing this the WiFi connection stops failing.

2. Check that the WiFi connection is activated

If the Wi-Fi of your Xiaomi Redmi is very unstable, or even prevents you from browsing, it is best to look in the settings section if the connection is activated. To do this, open the settings of your Xiaomi Redmi, go to Connections and go to the WiFi section. If you see that it is disabled, turn it on and look for the Wi-Fi connection indicator at the top of the device panel.

If you see that the icon does not appear or that the bars are half full, it is clear that you are not within the coverage area of ​​a WiFi network. Approach the router and see if these bars go up and your WiFi connection is becoming more stable.

3. Restart the router

Another step that you should take into account at the moment when the Wi-Fi connection of your Xiaomi Redmi begins to fail or be unstable, is the router restart. If you are at home and you are observing these problems, it is best that once the device has been restarted and verified that you are connected to the WiFi network, turn off and on the router. Many times the router overheats or becomes saturated, So you may not perform as you should.

4. Check the background updates

If you have not been connected to a WiFi network for a while, your device may take advantage of updating applications in the background. What does this mean? Basically, the process slows down the connection and can make it more unstable, something that you can notice for quite some time if you have too many apps installed and need to upgrade to new versions. To verify that your Xiaomi Redmi is updating apps in the background, you just have to check if there are applications on the screen that are being installed, or directly enter the Google Play app store and see it from ah.

Keep in mind that it is normally selected by default that all applications are updated as soon as we connect to a WiFi network, a process that can take a long time, and therefore make our team unstable When browsing or sending messages goes WhatsApp.

5. Change the channel of your WiFi

Routers that already have some time usually broadcast only in the 2.4 GHz band, the band that most older phones are compatible with. The problem is that this is usually saturated, which is very noticeable in housing blocks where there are many people, due to the large number of routers that are broadcasting in the same band.

If you want to check on which channel your WiFi broadcasts, download the free WiFi Analyzer tool on your Xiaomi Redmi. Once you open it, give it the necessary permissions and let it scan the network. When I do, vers that shows a graphic with the WiFi networks that are in your area, Among which will be yours. The next step is to swipe left three times to reach a tab in which the app will show you the best channels according to the network. Select yours and save yourself by the star system.

The next thing you will have to do is enter your router, either from the mobile browser or on the computer. Enter the address in the URL field. Locate the Channel option and change it for the one with the most stars in the app. Then, restart your router, you will see how from this moment you will notice more stability and speed.

6. Make a factory reset

If none of the above has worked for you, the only thing you have to try is to reset your phone to factory settings. That is, delete all the content and leave it as if you just bought it. Many times some application, a hidden file or even a malware that you do not know or that is inside the mobile it can make your Redmi not go as stable as it should when connecting to the WiFi

to do a factory reset go to the Settings, Backup and restore section and reset device data. Keep in mind that during the process you will erase absolutely everything you have saved, so we recommend that you previously make a backup copy of the data and files stored on your Xiaomi Redmi.

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