Pixel 4: new and powerful features uncovered

The new Pixel 4 may come with many changes compared to their predecessors (in the photo).

Angela Lang / CNET

If the leaks that we have seen to date are confirmed, the new Pixel 4 will arrive by taking out muscle.

According to sources from the 9to5Google site, the future Pixel 4 arrive in two versions with 5.7 and 6.3-inch screens that the company calls Smooth Display. This means that both screens will have an update rate of 90Hz, the same one that the OnePlus 7 Pro.

This update rate offers a very different experience to that given by screens with a lower rate, from the smoothness to the time of making scrollor slide across the screen, to the fluidity in transitions between applications. In addition to this screen, the source site says that the new phones will arrive with 6GB of RAM and 2,800mAh batteries in the Pixel 4 and 3,700mAh in the Pixel 4 XL.

To these new rumors we can add other previous ones that indicate that the new flagship phones of Google will be able to count on facial unlocking similar to Apple Face ID.

These reports coincide with the fact that recently it also transpired that Google engineers were offering on the street gift cards in exchange for scanning people's faces, in order to improve their facial recognition system.

Other rumors also point out that the Pixel 4 will arrive withgesture recognition technology, but for the moment they are that, rumors, reason why we will have to wait for October, month in which Google is expected to present the Pixel 4 and maybe even a smart watch.

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