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The Barclays Center in New York hosts this Wednesday the Galaxy Unpacked 2019, an event held by Samsung to present the device Galaxy Note 10. The new smartphone, like the rest of the Note family, arrived with an impressive and improved S Pen, a digital pen that works as if it were a "magic wand."

The S Pen can control virtually all movements of the new smartphone, even without having to touch the computer screen. Despite standing out for its evolution in handwriting recognition (which it can transform), what most attracts attention is its potential in drawing and as an audiovisual assistant.

Much of the time of the presentation of the Note 10 He focused on his "pro" level capabilities in photography and video. Samsung You want to compete in the smartphone market with a team that encourages the "productivity and creativity" of your users through their cameras.

The S Pen plays an important role in the objective described above. Thus, at the Barclays Center there was an illustrator and a blogger demonstrating the gadget's capabilities: Through Bluetooth connection it operates the cameras of the equipment, zooms, chooses shooting modes, changes the brightness and takes the photo or video as if it were a remote control.

Thanks to the characteristics of the cameras of the Galaxy Note 10, which integrate a motion stabilizer and augmented reality technology, the S Pen can draw on the screen strokes that later become 3D images that integrate into the environment, as observed during the presentation.

If there is something that makes it truly different from Galaxy Note 10 of other devices of Samsung and the smartphone market is its digital pen. This is why the South Korean company is interested in promoting this tool until it becomes more than just a simple accessory.

The technology obtained comes with gestural controls. The Note 9 already had an S Pen that allows you to take photos via Bluetooth connection, but being able to control the smartphone with gestures in the air precisely is the big news. For example, if you move the pen from right to left or from top to bottom, you can change the camera lens, view photographs, turn pages in a document and more.

It should be noted that the gestural control in s is not new in Samsung A few years ago he tried this function on his Galaxy phones through hand movements in front of the camera's sensor. The LG 8 applies the same concept and Google says to incorporate it into your Pixel 4.

If there is something that truly makes the Galaxy Note 10 different from other Samsung devices and the smartphone market is its digital pen. (Video: Samsung)

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